Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I'm still in my funk, and have done no knitting since I last posted. But here are the items I managed to finish last week:

Another pair of SheepyPants, in Galway Paint, with the Lettuce cuffs:

Another CurlyPurly soaker, in Ella Rae. I was really disappointed with this yarn, balled, it looked like there was bright red throughout, but in reality there were only huge swatches of it mixed with the pink and purple:

And I made up two of Mandy's hats (so adorable). The green one is the same Merino DK I used for the peapod jacket, and the other is Patons Classic Merino:

In the hopes that a change is as good as a rest, I have decided to pick up the Philosopher's Wool Poncho that I'm knitting for Nora. Fall is here and it would be nice if she could wear it. It is interesting in that there is no pattern for the colour changes, you are given 11 skeins of wool and you randomly select to work between one and six rows of any colour in any order. I am keeping track as I'm making a poncho for her, so both sides have to match. Garter stitch means it's easy peasy (I know, I thought I wanted to do something complicated, but I'm hoping big will do instead) so hopefully I'll be back on the baby knitting track next week.

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