Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The babymoon isn't over yet

Just after we brought Victoria home from the hospital my mother was visiting and she made the comment, 'you can put her down you know.' To which I replied, 'why?' and I have been loving ever minute I spend with her. Unfortunately, carrying her has impeded my efforts to start knitting again, at least until last night. After carefully engineering a rig of pillows and blankets, I was able to support her properly for nursing and napping, leaving both hands free for knitting. And knit I did. Mind you, it was only 6 or so rows of garter, but it was knitting! Talk about a 'look ma, no hands' moment.

I will admit, the situation was becoming desperate. I was fully prepared to go back to straight pins and stick one in my armpit if this didn't work *g*.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Latest FO

It seems like it's been forever, and I'm exactly a month late in posting about my latest FO:

Victoria Catherine, born December 7th.

She is the reason I have no further FO's since that time. I am completely captivated with her.

Unfortunately, I have to tear myself away from her, as she needs some more soakers! Many longies left to knit, while dad gets some quality time with her.